QM Quiz #17

1 In which national capital was athlete Mo Farah born?
2 Japan's second-highest volcano erupted this week, causing the deaths of at least thirty people. What is its name?
3 Described as the largest electronic monitoring station in the world, in which English county is RAF Menwith Hill?
4 1979's Life in a Day was the debut album of which band?
5 Ghent, Antwerp, and Valenciennes are all among the towns that stand on which major river of northern France, western Belgium, and the south-west of the Netherlands?
6 In Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, whose shrine are the story-telling pilgrims visiting?
7 During the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire, fifty new churches were paid for by a tax levied on what item entering the capital?
8 The title of a 2008 thriller starring Tom Cruise and Kenneth Branagh, what was the codeword for the 1944 operation that was an attempt to kill Adolf Hitler?
9 The Victoria Cross was initially introduced to reward acts of courage during which war?
10 What ironic trait was shared by the composers Beethoven, Smetana, and Faure?
11 In mythology, what was the name of the Roman slave who aided and befriended a lion that subsequently saved his life after he was thrown to the aforementioned animals for attempting to escape?
12 Breeding in the south-western US and Mexico, what is the smallest species of owl?
13 The ongoing political comic strip, If..., has appeared in which daily newspaper since 1981?
14 Who remains to date the longest-serving leader of the Labour Party?
15 According to Jewish folklore, who was the first wife of Adam?
16 What is the densest naturally occurring chemical element?
17 What forename and surname links the wife of Shakespeare and a modern-day Hollywood actress?
18 Which monarch instigated the Christmas Day broadcast to the nation in 1932?
19 Aside from becoming a major early figure in the sport of golf, and lending his name to the sport's most prestigious trophy, what was Samuel Ryder's profession?
20 Which traditional sport of Central Asia consists of horse-mounted players dragging a goat carcass towards a goal?

1 Mogadishu
2 Mount Ontake
3 North Yorkshire
4 Simple Minds
5 Scheldt
6 Thomas Becket
7 Coal
8 Valkyrie
9 Crimean War
10 Deafness
11 Androcles
12 Elf owl
13 The Guardian
14 Clement Attlee
15 Lilith
16 Osmium
17 Anne Hathaway
18 George V
19 Seed merchant
20 Buzkashi

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