First update from a far-flung land...

Not really, I'm only in Liverpool. But it seems far-flung when it's your first time of living away from home properly. I'll settle in.

Anyway, today's questions:

1 Derived from an Arabic word meaning "horseman", what name in medieval Iberia was given to a high-ranking official in the household of a king?
2 Which country occupies the western portion of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola?
3 Supposedly invented by Hero of Alexandria, the aeolipile was the first known device of what type?
4 Used in the selection process for the UK's special forces personnel, what is the highest peak in South Wales?
5 Located on the route of the Pan-American Highway, what is El Salvador's second-largest city?
6 The Scot Lonnie Donegan was the best-known exponent of which type of popular music, originating in 1950s USA?
7 What is the name of Sydney's natural harbour, considered to be one of the world's finest?
8 The infamous nineteenth-century murderers Burke and Hare both had which forename?
9 Philadelphia Phillies, Seattle Mariners, and Detroit Tigers are all professional teams in which sport?
10 Best-known for her 1812 affair with Lord Byron, Lady Caroline Lamb was the wife of which British prime minister?
11 Crna Gora is the local name for which small European country?
12 From Greek words for "virgin" and "birth", which biological term refers to the development of an individual from an egg without fertilisation by a male gamete?
13 Now beneath Mexico City, what was the island capital of Lake Texcoco?
14 The Mentha pulegium species of flowering plant is known by which numismatic-sounding name?
15 Alessandro Filipepi was the original name of which Italian painter (1445-1510)?
16 In 1913, who became the first non-European to win the Nobel Prize in Literature?
17 In 1987, Teddy Seymour became the first black man in history to do what?
18 The Gulf of Venezuela separates its namesake country from which other South American nation, home to the Guajira Peninsula?
19 Frequently listed on unusual place name lists, the town of Snowflake lies in which US state, ironic in that the state itself is one of the warmest?
20 NASA's MAVEN probe is intended to study which planet's atmosphere?
21 Tux, the mascot for the operating system Linux, is what kind of animal?
22 American attorney Bruce Buck is the current chairman of which London football club?
23 Ranked by historians as one of the worst to have ever occupied the role, who was the only US president to have originated from Pennsylvania?
24 Washington Crossing the Delaware was an 1851 oil-on-canvas painting by whom?
25 Although French-born, Jessica Fox competed for Australia at the 2012 Summer Olympics in which sport?

1 Alferez
2 Haiti
3 Steam turbine
4 Pen y Fan
5 Santa Ana
6 Skiffle
7 Port Jackson
8 William
9 Baseball
10 William Lamb / Lord Melbourne
11 Montenegro
12 Parthenogenesis
13 Tenochtitlan
14 Pennyroyal
15 Sandro Botticelli
16 Rabindranath Tagore
17 Sail around the world
18 Colombia
19 Arizona
20 Mars
21 Penguin
22 Chelsea
23 James Buchanan
24 Emanuel Leutze
25 Canoeing

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