QM Quiz #19

Not written one of these for ages, so I'll do so now - hope you enjoy:

1 Which term in Islam describes the collection of teachings, deeds, and sayings of the prophet Muhammad which constitute the primary source of guidance for Muslims aside from the Koran?
2 Starring Norman Beaton, Isabelle Lucas, and a young Lenny Henry, what was the first British sitcom to have an entirely black cast?
3 Which French king ordered the building of the Bastille fortress in 1370?
4 2014's G20 summit concluded last week. In which city was it held?
5 The director David Lean's first four films were adaptations of works by which English playwright?
6 Which former Conservative MP became UKIP's second directly elected MP on the early hours of Friday morning after a victory in the Rochester and Strood by-election?
7 Home to the country's most successful football club of recent years, what is Hungary's second-largest city?
8 The Kuvendi is the parliament of which European country?
9 The organisation Greenpeace was founded after protests against US plans for a nuclear weapon test on which Alaskan island?
10 The chemical element hassium is named after a state in which country?
11 In which country was Elizabeth II when she heard that her father, George VI, had died and that she was queen?
12 The episode "An Unearthly Child" marked the first appearance of which famous TV character?
13 The first official US flag was flown during which 1777 engagement of the American Revolutionary War?
14 The M57 motorway is a ring road around which major UK city?
15 Which passenger steamship became known in 1912 as the ship that came to the aid of Titanic survivors when it sank, and was subsequently sank herself in 1918 off the Isles of Scilly?
16 The Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe horse race is run at which French racecourse at the beginning of October each year?
17 Who, alongside Calvert Vaux, designed New York City's Central Park?
18 Butser Hill is the highest point of which English range of chalk hills?
19 Which US journalist (1887-1920) is best remembered for his account of the October Revolution, Ten Days That Shook the World?
20 The Church of the Holy Rude, where James VI of the Scots was crowned in 1567, is in which Scottish city?

1 Hadith
2 The Fosters
3 Charles V
4 Brisbane
5 Noel Coward
6 Mark Reckless
7 Debrecen
8 Albania
9 Amchitka
10 Germany
11 Kenya
12 The Doctor (Doctor Who)
13 Siege of Fort Stanwix
14 Liverpool
15 Carpathia
16 Longchamp
17 Frederick Law Olmsted
18 South Downs
19 John Reed
20 Stirling

100Quiz #2 - results

Received a few more entries for this than the first one, but I enjoy writing them so as long as people are finding them useful, I'll continue to write. Hopefully with some better marketing / spreading the word, I'll be able to get a few more entrants as well, of course.

The scores were as follows - some very tight competition:

1 Peter Ediss 72
2 Clive Dunning 69
3 Mark Cooper 62
4 Hugh Bennett 57
5 Alan Gibbs 55
6 Joseph Krol 46
7 = Ian Chilman 45
7 = Ritchie Venner 45
9 Paul Davis 38
10 Nic Mortimer 32

Thanks to all those who entered, and hope you enjoyed it and found it to be a decent enough set. Well done to Peter Ediss, who got a really good score, as well as Clive Dunning who wasn't far behind.

100Quiz #3 will hopefully be up in the next few days; haven't written it yet but got two legal essays due in this week so obviously they'll have to be priorities. Still, it should be up by the weekend, so keep checking if you want to enter.

The last fortnight in my quiz world...

I haven't been updating this blog as much recently - I was previously posting an update every two or three days, but those have since dried up to around once a week in frequency, thanks to a combination of things. Ironically, I've been working harder on my quizzing, as well as having a lot to do at uni in terms of reading and writing essays.

However, apart from that, I've been pretty lucky in quiz endeavours in the last fortnight or so.

Firstly, I was on the winning team at a university pub quiz not long ago - £100 jackpot, though the presence of six of us meant that I only actually came away with £15 or so. Still, not a bad night's work.

I also played for the Rainhill Victoria team in the Merseyside Quiz League Challenge Cup competition. Mark Kerr, one of the team's players, sent out a message on Facebook to anyone who fancied playing for the night as they had a couple of regular players missing. I volunteered, travelled to Southport, and played in the match against Zetland, which we luckily won 47-38. I got eight points, which I was reasonably pleased with for a debut. They've asked me to play in the remaining Challenge Cup fixtures, which I'm happy to do, so I'll be playing in another match a week tomorrow. I'd like to improve my score, as I think nerves played a part in the first match as well, particularly until I settled in and started to get a few right answers.

On Saturday, I travelled to Rainhill - ironically the venue for next week's match - to attend the Quiz in the North 2, a follow-up to the successful Quiz in the North held at Rochdale in August. It was a great day of quizzing, and I'm looking forward to more of these events if they're held. On a personal note, I achieved probably my best result yet in a competitive written quiz - 92/170, which placed me 27th out of the 42 competitors. Not bad, I don't think. There were a few silly errors but not half as many as there normally are from me.

The European Quizzing Championships took place this weekend in Bucharest, Romania. Olav Bjortomt is the new individual champion, with Kevin Ashman and Finland's Tero Kalliolevo finishing in second and third respectively. Well done to those three. Pity I couldn't attend, as I'd have loved to, but I'm determined to be there next year, where the venue will be Rotterdam. Sounds like a great event, and all the feedback I've read from those who attended seems to be overwhelmingly positive.

Anyway, apologies for those - if there are any of you - who've been checking the blog regularly only to find no new updates or questions. I'll try to update it more, and I'll write a quiz to be posted after this.