100Quiz #1 - results

Just seen that the blog has reached 5,000 page views since it was started in mid-May. Really pleased with that. Hopefully people are enjoying reading it and will continue to do so.

100Quiz #1 results
OK, so didn't get many entries for this - at least, not as many as I was wanting - maybe my questions were shite! I'll run them in the future but will perhaps look at ways to entice people to do them. The six entries were as follows - thanks and well done to all who entered, with a particular well done to David Hesp, who achieved an incredible score:

1 David Hesp 89
2 Clive Dunning 55
3 Hugh Bennett 52
4 Alan Gibbs 46
5 Ian Chilman 37
6 Ray Hamel 33

If anyone would like a copy of the answers, please let me know.


  1. Hi Jack

    I would like the answers please :)

    Also, I will certainly be keen on taking part in the next one. Never found time to sit down and do them this time around but looking forward to the next set.

    Well done on the 5,000

    1. I'll send them over. Cheers. Hopefully there'll be more entrants when I run the next.

  2. Extraordinary score from Mr Hesp. I'd like a look at the answers, please.

  3. Send me a copy of the answers please.

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