QM Quiz #15

The Lancaster City Quiz League season began last night. The Pub got a 66-48 victory over Slyne Lodge. Decent enough set written by the Gregson A team. Managed to get a score of 15 which I'm pleased about after thinking about it more thoroughly - only got three of my eight questions right but managed to get six passes. Mistaking Cadiz for Calvi on a question about Nelson's loss of one eye was an absolute shitter, though. Still, not too bad for our first league match. That'll be my last game for a month or so at least - though I'd like to be back temporarily for a couple of matches. Depends on if I'm picked for a start.

Anyway, questions...

QM Quiz #15
1 What is the largest city to stand on Lake Champlain, which is divided between the US states of New York and Vermont and the Canadian province of Quebec?
2 Which Colombian cyclist won the 2014 Giro d'Italia?
3 What was actress Diane Keaton's birth surname?
4 Close to the border crossing with Croatia, what is the only coastal town in Bosnia and Herzegovina?
5 The film Schindler's List was based on a 1982 novel by which Australian writer?
6 The 2013 and 2014 winners of the Pritzker Prize for Architecture have both been from which country?
7 Willy Lott's Cottage can be seen in which famous painting of 1821?
8 What name, meaning unauthorised, was given to the castles built in 12th-century England without royal approval, particularly during the Anarchy war of 1135 to 1154?
9 2014 is the Chinese year of which creature?
10 Which 2004 Martin Scorsese film tells the story of a twenty-year period in the life of Howard Hughes?
11 Which short-lived US comedy series, first seen in 1982 and starring Leslie Nielsen, was a spoof of police procedurals and a precursor to the successful Naked Gun film series?
12 "I met a traveller from an antique land..." is the first line of which 1818 poem?
13 What was the official name of the "Dam Busters" raids of 1943 that saw the bombing of the Moehne and Edersee Dams?
14 Which stock character of Russian folk puppetry is also the title of an Igor Stravinsky ballet?
15 The largest city of its namesake governorate, what is the capital of Oman?
16 What newspaper format has pages that are slightly wider and taller than the tabloid format, but narrower and shorter than that of the broadsheet?
17 Which Brazilian city, the country's fifth-largest, is the state capital of Ceara?
18 Possibly his best-known work is the brutalist Royal National Theatre on the South Bank of the Thames; which English architect was also responsible for designing the European Investment Bank building in Luxembourg?
19 Caused by the inhalation of coal dust, which disease affecting the lungs is known as "miner's disease"?
20 Name the year. Da Vinci's Mona Lisa is displayed in the US for the first time; Harold Wilson becomes leader of the UK Labour Party; Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary closes.

1 Burlington
2 Nairo Quintana
3 Hall
4 Neum
5 Thomas Keneally
6 Japan
7 The Hay Wain
8 Adulterine
9 Horse
10 The Aviator
11 Police Squad!
12 "Ozymandias"
13 Operation Chastise
14 Petrushka
15 Muscat
16 Berliner
17 Fortaleza
18 Denys Lasdun
19 Pneumoconiosis
20 1963


  1. We beat Blue Anchor B 72-68( I got 23.. Couldn't remember the Carswell constituency)

    1. Ah, well done. I got the Carswell constituency luckily. Remembered reading about it.

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