QM Quiz #14

1 The hopak is a dance from which country?
2 Which Yugoslav movement of World War II, led by Draza Mihailovic, was dissolved in 1946 as Tito proclaimed an amnesty to all defecting forces?
3 The Shakespeare play, Much Ado About Nothing, is set on which island?
4 Giles Clarke is the current chairman of which sport governing body?
5 Which English theatre critic and writer was supposedly the first person to say the word "fuck" on British television?
6 What is the name of the sea cave, so-called after a British captain, that lies on the south-east face of the Rock of Gibraltar?
7 What was the first James Bond film to star Roger Moore?
8 Automobile engineer Louis Chevrolet, pharmacologist Daniel Bovet, and revolutionary Jean-Paul Marat were all born in which present-day country?
9 What is the main colour of the flag of Macau?
10 Stephen Crane's book, The Red Badge of Courage, is set during which war?
11 Who is the most recent British prime minister to have served non-consecutive terms?
12 The last time a team outside the top flight won the competition, which team won the 1980 FA Cup?
13 The Wasatch Front is home to roughly 80% of the population of which US state?
14 Usain Bolt set both the 100m and 200m world records in which city in 2009?
15 Poly Styrene, Lora Logic, and Jak Airport were members of which English punk band?
16 What do the Libyans call the sirocco wind, the same name as that of a Japanese film studio?
17 Numismatics is the scientific study of what?
18 Which composer created the Symphonie fantastique and the Grande messe des morts requiem? 
19 What is the longest river in the European Union?
20 The highest point of the Dinaric Alps is in which country?

1 Ukraine
2 Chetniks
3 Sicily
5 Kenneth Tynan
6 Gorham's Cave
7 Live and Let Die
8 Switzerland
9 Green
10 American Civil War
11 Harold Wilson
12 West Ham
13 Utah
14 Berlin
15 X-Ray Spex
16 Ghibli
17 Currency
18 Hector Berlioz
19 Danube
20 Albania

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