As it's probably my weakest area, and in an attempt to brush up, here are fifty sports questions I've just written:

1 After which tennis legend was the main stadium of the US Open tournament named in 1997?
2 Which Russian striker finished joint-top scorer alongside Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov at the 1994 FIFA World Cup?
3 The German Gabriele Reinsch holds the women's world record of 76.8m in which discipline?
4 The so-called three Ws of West Indian cricket were Clyde Walcott, Frank Worrell, and Everton... who?
5 Which Welshman became the first winner of the World Darts Championship in 1978?
6 The 'Shakers' is the nickname of which English football league club, founded in 1885?
7 Which retired American baseball player, nicknamed Hammerin' Hank, surpassed in 1974 Babe Ruth's 39-year-old record of career home runs, and retired in 1976 with a total of 755 home runs, still a major league record?
8 Which former US basketball player - who played most famously for the Los Angeles Lakers - was born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor?
9 In which Scottish town do St Mirren FC play their home games?
10 In Formula One, what does a black flag indicate?
11 In American football, what alliterative two-word name is given to specialist players who deliberately block attacks?
12 At which football ground did Jock Stein die in September 1985, after his Scotland side earned a draw with Wales?
13 Formerly known as FITA, the WA is the governing body of which sport?
14 Which Italian city hosted the 2006 Winter Olympics?
15 Peter Scott, the only child of explorer Robert Falcon Scott, won a bronze medal at the 1936 Summer Olympics in which event?
16 In May 2006, politician and then-deputy UK prime minister, John Prescott, was photographed playing which sport at Dorneywood, supposedly leading to a 300% increase in sales of the sport's equipment at Asda?
17 In which city will the 2020 Summer Olympics be held, last held there in 1964?
18 Which former sportsman founded the Livestrong Foundation?
19 Which boxer did Robert De Niro portray in the 1980 film, Raging Bull?
20 In fencing, what is the technical term for the guard?
21 The tennis players Leonardo Mayer, Federico Delbonis, and Carlos Berlocq all represent which country?
22 What did John Disley and Chris Brasher organise for the first time in 1981?
23 Which American football team became the inaugural winners of the Super Bowl in 1967?
24 How many points are scored for a touchdown in American football?
25 Who became the first white man to run the 100m in under ten seconds?
26 The Fosbury Flop is a technique used in which athletics event?
27 From which European club did Thierry Henry join Arsenal in 1999?
28 The Panathenaic Stadium in Athens, the main venue for the 1896 Summer Olympics, is constructed entirely from which material?
29 "Tiger" being a nickname, what is Tiger Woods' first name?
30 Which boxer scored a stunning upset when he became the first man to beat previously undefeated Mike Tyson in a match in 1990?
31 "The Merry Mex" and "Supermex" are nicknames of which professional golfer?
32 Prior to doing so in 2012, in which year did London last host the Summer Olympics?
33 Who holds the record for the highest individual score in first-class cricket, with 501 not out for Warwickshire against Durham at Edgbaston in 1994?
34 With which football club did Stanley Matthews begin and end his professional career?
35 In which country did ice hockey originate?
36 Who holds the record for the most Masters snooker titles, having won the tournament six times?
37 The footballer Mario Gómez plays for which national side?
38 The racing driver Ayrton Senna died at San Marino's 1994 Grand Prix. Which fellow racing driver died on the same track a day earlier?
39 Who is the current captain of Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club?
40 Which French rugby union player - considered one of the greatest flankers of the modern era - was nicknamed la Faucheuse (Grim Reaper)?
41 Which European term for Muslims during the later medieval period is also the name of a professional rugby union team based at Allianz Park?
42 At a starting price of 25/1, which horse won the 2014 Grand National?
43 At which ground do Sheffield United play their home games?
44 How many methods of dismissal are there in a game of cricket?
45 In which decade did Ray Reardon win the World Snooker Championship six times?
46 In which sport would you come across a Boston crab?
47 Which Argentina-born racing driver dominated the first decade of Formula One racing, winning the championships in 1951 and 1954-57?
48 The Chinese Zhang Jike is reigning world men's champion in which sport?
49 How many players are there in a water polo team?
50 Held in Sweden annually, what is the Vasaloppet?

1 Arthur Ashe
2 Oleg Salenko
3 Discus
4 Weekes
5 Leighton Rees
6 Bury FC
7 Hank Aaron
8 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
9 Paisley
10 Disqualification
11 Suicide squad
12 Ninian Park
13 Archery
14 Turin
15 Sailing
16 Croquet
17 Tokyo
18 Lance Armstrong
19 Jake LaMotta
20 Coquille
21 Argentina
22 London Marathon
23 Green Bay Packers
24 Six
25 Christophe Lemaitre
26 High jump
27 Juventus
28 Marble
29 Eldrick
30 Buster Douglas
31 Lee Trevino
32 1948
33 Brian Lara
34 Stoke City
35 Canada
36 Stephen Hendry
37 Germany
38 Roland Ratzenberger
39 Chris Read
40 Serge Betsen
41 Saracen
42 Pineau de Re
43 Bramall Lane
44 Ten
45 1970s
46 Wrestling
47 Juan Manuel Fangio
48 Table tennis
49 Seven
50 Cross-country ski marathon

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