A connections quiz

Trying something different here - well, it's been done before, and no doubt it will go tits-up, but here goes...

Four different questions, and the answer to each question is linked in some way. Three different sets, with each hopefully becoming more difficult. Answers at the end.

1 What was the title of the Coen brothers' second film, starring Nicolas Cage and Holly Hunter?
2 Who wrote the short story, "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"?
3 Orpheus Descending, Sweet Bird of Youth, and The Glass Menagerie are all plays by whom?
4 Steve McGarrett was the head of a police task force in which US police procedural?

1 Alongside Stavanger, which city was the 2008 European Capital of Culture?
2 Which three brothers comprised most of The Beach Boys' line-up?
3 What was the surname of "Dirty" Harry, the title character of Clint Eastwood's 1971 film?
4 Which Australian-born actor was the first person to win a posthumous Oscar in the Best Supporting Actor category. Who is he?

1 What is Mikhail Kalashnikov most famous for developing?
2 Which is the only mythical creature featured in the Chinese calendar?
3 Among the five D-Day landing beaches, which is the nearest to Caen?
4 Owing to his nationality, what is the nickname of darts player John Part?

1 Raising Arizona
2 Washington Irving
3 Tennessee Williams
4 Hawaii Five-O
Connection - US states

1 Liverpool
2 Wilson
3 Callahan
4 Heath Ledger
Connection - UK prime ministers

1 AK47
2 Dragon
3 Sword
4 Darth Maple
Connection - Items featured on national flags

Might do more of these in the future...


  1. Good idea..and the last quiz was good too

    1. Cheers. I reckon the connections were probably too easy, but I'll try to think of some more testing ones.

    2. Do you ever look at the Quiz Questions Group, or the Quiz Discussion Group on Facebook?

    3. I do, yeah. I'm not a big user of Facebook but I do read those two groups occasionally. Are you off to the Rochester GP?