QM Quiz #4

Which five-word phrase was first used by promoter Horace Lee Logan on December 15, 1956 near Shreveport, Louisiana?
2 The first woman to serve in the role, who is the current president of Chile?
3 "Mending Wall" was a 1914 metaphorical poem by which American?
4 Discovered in 1789 by William Herschel, Mimas - the twentieth-largest moon in the Solar System - is a satellite of which planet?
5 Which 1968 film was based on the novel Mute Witness by Robert L. Fish, writing under the pseudonym Robert L. Pike?
6 Which social networking website was founded in January 2005 by Michael and Xochi Birch?
7 Who is the current UK Secretary of State for Defence?
8 Coexist - released in 2012 - is the second album by which English indie band?
9 Meaning "writings", what name is given to the third and final section of the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible), after Torah (instruction) and Nevi'im (prophets)?
10 How many current member states are there in the African Union?
11 The Storting is the parliament of which country?
12 What is the two-letter internet domain code for Niger?
13 World War II is generally said to have began on the first of which month in 1939, when Germany invaded Poland?
14 The American football team known as the Steelers is based in which city?
15 Which famous battle was fought on 7th October 1571 in the Gulf of Patras, a branch of the Ionian Sea?
16 Which supermarket was founded on the principle "pile it high, sell it cheap"?
17 Which chemical element has a name that comes from the Latin for "dark red"?
18 Serving from 1850-53, who was the last US president not to be affiliated with either the Democratic or Republican parties?
19 Give a year in the life of Henry IV of England.
20 Which Greek letter is used as a symbol for standard deviation?

1 Elvis has left the building
2 Michelle Bachelet
3 Robert Frost
4 Saturn
5 Bullitt
6 Bebo
7 Philip Hammond
8 The xx
9 Ketuvim
10 54
11 Norway
12 .ne
13 September
14 Pittsburgh
15 Battle of Lepanto
16 Tesco
17 Rubidium
18 Millard Fillmore
19 1367-1413
20 Sigma

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