QM Quiz #6

1 Who - name and regnal number - recently ascended to the Spanish throne, replacing his father, Juan Carlos I?
2 Escondida - the world's largest copper-producing mine - can be found in which country?
3 The iron sulfide, pyrite, is commonly known by which two-word name, also the title of a song by The Stone Roses?
4 Which leading figure of modern Chinese literature wrote A Madman's Diary, regarded as one of the best books of all time?
5 Viewed as Greece's best-known living composer, who scored the films Zorba the Greek (1964), Z (1969), and Serpico (1973)?
6 Attracting international attention in the 1980s after a deadly industrial disaster, Bhopal is the capital of which Indian state?
7 Which Italian city is this? The seventh-largest city in the country, it is home to the world's oldest university, and was declared European Capital of Culture in 2000. It is served by Guglielmo Marconi Airport, perhaps its most famous son. 
8 Situated in the valley of the Hari River, what is Afghanistan's third-largest city, with a population of over 430,000?
9 How many US states have their name displayed on the state flag?
10 Which Jonathan Larson rock musical, based on Puccini's opera La bohème, tells the story of a group of impoverished young artists struggling to survive in New York City's Lower East Side?
11 In governmental parlance, ochlocracy is rule by whom?
12 Which 1988 film stars Eric Bogosian as Barry Champlain, a caustic Jewish radio personality who becomes the subject of a hate campaign? It was based on the story of Alan Berg, a radio host assassinated by members of a white nationalist group?
13 Which Argentine centre-back, at one point football's highest-scoring defender, was captain of his nation as they lifted the 1978 FIFA World Cup?
14 Which French physicist made major contributions to quantum theory, and won the 1929 Nobel Prize for Physics for "his discovery of the wave nature of electrons"?
15 His second major title, which golfer recently won the sport's 2014 US Open?
16 The Bay of Plenty, named by James Cook after the plentiful food supplies he found there, is a large indentation in which country's northern coastline?
17 The New York Times remarked in 1931 that "Miss Earhart did not promise to "obey" her husband". Which US publisher and promoter (1887-1950) is being referred to in this quotation?
18 Yama is the god of death in which religion?
19 "Stately, plump Buck Mulligan" is mentioned in the opening line of which 1922 novel?
20 Which world music record label was launched by former Talking Heads lead singer David Byrne, and has been responsible for unearthing and popularising several unknown talents?

1 Felipe VI
2 Chile
3 "Fool's gold"
4 Lu Xun
5 Mikis Theodorakis
6 Madhya Pradesh
7 Bologna
8 Herat
9 26
10 Rent
11 The mob
12 Talk Radio
13 Daniel Passarella
14 Louis de Broglie
15 Martin Kaymer
16 New Zealand
17 George P. Putnam
18 Hinduism
19 Ulysses
20 Luaka Bop

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