QM Quiz #5

1 O Globo is a newspaper of which major city in the southern hemisphere?
2 Which decade saw the premiere of Mozart's opera Così fan tutte, the abolition of slavery in France, and the death of George Washington, first president of the USA?
Pulse was a 1995 live double album by which English band?
4 What was the last Summer Olympics - year or city - at which golf featured?
5 Which Swede received the 1903 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for "his electrolytic theory of dissociation"? An equation, an acid definition, a lunar crater, and a laboratory at Stockholm University are all named after him.
6 Which Hungarian-born American business magnate is known as "the man who broke the Bank of England" because of his short sale of $10bn worth of GBP, giving him a profit of $1bn during the 1992 Black Wednesday currency crisis?
7 Which American professional baseball team are based at Miller Park?
8 What is the capital of Lithuania?
9 Named after a Charles Dickens character, what is a gamp?
10 Also hosted by Paul Merton and Frank Skinner, who was the original presenter of the BBC TV series, Room 101?
11 Immortalised on canvas by Turner, which 98-gun ship was launched in 1798 and used at the Battle of Trafalgar?
12 What is the sum of the total angles in an octagon?
13 0121 is the STD calling code of which UK city?
14 What was the surname of the Dutch graphic artist who was known for his impossible constructions and explorations of infinity?
15 Taken from Act Three of Othello, what was Elgar's title for his set of five marches for symphony orchestra, the first of which was the basis for "Land of Hope and Glory"?
16 Which two letters distinguish between the name of one half of a successful US music duo, and the name of the bass guitarist for The Clash?
17 In which year did Steffi Graf win both the Wimbledon's singles and doubles title, completing the latter alongside Gabriela Sabatini?
18 Her symbol being the vulture, who was the principal goddess of Egyptian mythology?
19 In the UK, what is the minimum legal age for purchasing a pet?
20 Who founded the weekly journal, Harijan, in February 1933?

1 Rio de Janeiro
2 1790s
3 Pink Floyd
4 1904 (St. Louis)
5 Svante Arrhenius
6 George Soros
7 Milwaukee Brewers
8 Vilnius
9 Umbrella
10 Nick Hancock
11 HMS Temeraire (1798)
12 1080º
13 Birmingham
14 Escher
15 Pomp and Circumstance
16 'on'
17 1988
18 Mut
19 12
20 Mahatma Gandhi

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