QM Quiz #9

1 Protozoa of the genus Plasmodium cause which disease?
2 Which highest point of Indonesia is also the highest mountain to be found on an island?
3 In which city was Anne Frank born in 1929?
4 Which retired US professional wrestler, comedian, and actor is often referred to as "The Hardcore Legend" and was a special guest referee in the closing match of WrestleMania 2000?
5 Air Algerie Flight 5017 crashed this week in which African country?
6 Traditionally more affluent than other South American countries, which nation has been known by the sobriquet "the Switzerland of South America"?
7 By what nickname was Joan of Arc most commonly known?
8 Who directed The Bridge on the River Kwai?
9 High Land, Hard Rain was the debut album of which Scottish new wave band?
10 From her second studio album, 21, "Set Fire to the Rain" is a song by which singer-songwriter?
11 The Ustase was a fascist terrorist organisation active in which modern-day country from 1929 to 1945?
12 In what year was Channel 4 first broadcast in the UK?
13 What is the largest island of Fiji, comprising much of the population?
14 Which Middle Eastern country has a name that means "two seas"?
15 A complex of five internationally significant sites, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Museum Island can be found in which European capital?
16 Who rose to fame with his revolutionary 1957 book, Syntactic Structures?
17 Found on the Neretva River, Mostar is the fourth-largest city in which country?
18 What is the oldest airline in the world still operating under its original name?
19 Which US vice president served under Richard Nixon from 1969-1973?
20 In which decade did the deadliest hurricane in history occur, striking the Caribbean and killing thousands?

1 Malaria
2 Puncak Jaya
3 Frankfurt
4 Mick Foley
5 Mali
6 Uruguay
7 Maid of Orleans
8 David Lean
9 Aztec Camera
10 Adele
11 Croatia
12 1982
13 Viti Levu
14 Bahrain
15 Berlin
16 Noam Chomsky
17 Bosnia & Herzegovina
18 KLM
19 Spiro Agnew
20 1780s

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