Miscellaneous quiz round-up

Fifteen to One 
The revival series must have been successful - well, in ignoring the annoying format extension that eliminated the pacy nature of the original series - enough to warrant a second series as Remedy Productions are advertising for people to apply. I've decided I'm going to fill out an application and hope I get an audition. Worth a shot, I guess...

Paid setting
I've managed to find some paid setting opportunities which I'm really pleased about. I'll still update the blog regularly, but I'll probably need to give more priority to the paid setting. 

Twitter account
The blog now has a Twitter account - here. Hopefully people may find the blog from there and decide to bookmark it, or perhaps they'll visit it once and mark it down as a site never to be visited again, I'm not sure which. Still, if you're on Twitter, please follow! 

Some questions
Ten quick questions gathered from Schott's Original Miscellany (an excellent book, if I may say so myself):
1 What is typically the final event of the decathlon?
2 Who assassinated US president William McKinley?
3 What is chionophobia the fear of?
4 On which date does Princess Anne's birthday fall?
5 How old was T. Rex frontman Marc Bolan when he died in a car crash in 1977?
6 Ted Hughes became the United Kingdom Poet Laureate in 1984 after whom declined?
7 Matisse, Rouault, and Dufy were exponents of which French art movement?
8 Only making two, which Bond film was the first to star Timothy Dalton in the lead role?
9 What is the only London street where traffic must drive on the right?
10 Which letter is represented in Morse code by two dots?

1 1500 metres
2 Leon Czolgosz
3 Snow
4 15th August
5 29
6 Philip Larkin
7 Fauvism
8 The Living Daylights
9 Savoy Court
10 I


  1. With regards to Fifteen to One, they are currently repeating the very first series with William G Stewart on Challenge.

    If you already knew just ignore me :)

    1. I did know but I still wouldn't ignore you. :D

      Haven't been watching from the very start, but I have been watching some of them. Far better than quizzes nowadays which seem to be so gimmicky, dull, and reliant on inane chat with the contestants.

  2. Hi Jack

    Do you mind if I ask where you came across the quiz setting work, as I've been looking for something like this (without success) for quite a while. I quite understand if you don't want to tell me, but I'm not out to tread on your toes, just looking for a pointer in the right direction. Great site, by the way

    Steve Cooke

    1. Steve,
      Do you have an email I can contact you on?

    2. Jack

      My email address is rothskills@fsmail.net. Thanks in advance