My 2015 quizzing resolutions

This'll be the first year for which I set formal - or formal in the sense that I'm getting them down on here to look back on - quizzing resolutions for myself. They won't all be measurable in a mathematical sense, as a couple of them are simply ambitions of a more general nature, but I'd still like to achieve everything here, and will do my best to do so.

1 Should we be successful in getting on the show, reach at least the quarter-finals of University Challenge with Liverpool. This is the main one - I'm really proud to have got into the team as it is, to be honest, so to win a match or two would be fantastic. It'll be tough, especially considering the strength of much of the opposition, but might as well go for it. Oh, and that's if we get on...

2 Finish in the top 500 at this year's WQC. I finished 893rd at my first ever WQC in June, which I was pleased with at the time, but I calculated that another twenty points or so this year should see me in and around the top 500, which I'd be relatively pleased with for an improvement for this year.

3 Break the 70 mark at at least one GP this year. At the British Open at the start of December, I got 58.4, which is my highest GP score yet, so I reckon by the end of 2015 I will have come a fair bit closer to reaching the 70 mark.

4 Get at least one full house in the Lancaster City Quiz League (got 7/8 a few weeks ago and should have got 8/8 but blurted the wrong answer out instead of giving it a bit of thought). Those questions that night fell really well for me and I doubt I'll get a kinder set of questions anytime soon, but might as well go for getting at least one full house.

5 Attend my first ever BQC in September and my first ever EQC in November. Never attended either of these events before (obviously!) so just going to give them a go and see how I fare in terms of the style of question and a range in difficulty levels. I may come up with more specific targets closer to the time.

6 Maintain this blog and write stuff on it more regularly. Uni has seen my posting frequency decrease a great deal, so I'll try to write a lot more this year (and post a lot more questions).

7 Adopt a better approach to weaknesses. In other words, actually address them - stuff like sport, classical music, and nature - rather than simply ignoring them. Perhaps I'll find them more interesting if I dedicate more time to reading about them as well.

8 Achieve at least one top-30 genre finish at a GP this year. Fairly simple, and measurable. Just a single top-30 finish in any genre at any GP will do me in this instance.


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